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Yohan Yassin


I am originally from Malaysia and moved to the US when I was 13 years old.


My wife and I got into this fitness industry in 2018 when we sought out help from a nutritionist/fitness coach. We fell in love with this lifestyle and have been getting deeper into it as time passes.


In October 2018 I competed in my first NPC Men’s Physique show which is when I made my biggest transformation. I fell more in love with fitness and learning about my body and how food fuels it, which is why I decided to become a nutritionist. 


Fitness has become my passion and I love helping others achieve their goals. 

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Britt Sederholm


I got into fitness for almost the same reason as everyone else at first- I wasn’t happy with where my body was at aesthetically and I knew my overall health could improve in general. After investing A LOT into myself- financially, educationally, physically, mentally, etc.. I got my “physique goals” but its what happened along the way that gave me my why.


My why is giving people back their lives. Helping them be their happiest, healthiest, versions of themselves- whatever that looks like to THEM! 

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I was born and raised in Salt Lake City, being the youngest of three kids. Growing up, I always loved being active. I’ve played soccer my entire life, and got into working out with my dad when I was a teenager. 

In 2017 after having my left shoulder reconstructed, I decided to hire a trainer/nutritionist and take my training to a whole new level. I entered my first NPC Men’s Physique show in July 2020, taking 3rd place in both Open and Novice Categories.

Now, I find myself completely in love with the fitness industry and want bring that same passion to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking a weight loss or bulking program, I promise to provide you with the tools and knowledge to turn this into a lifestyle, and create the life you want.

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I started in the fitness industry to help people stay healthy. I work for kidney transplant at Intermountain Healthcare. One of the things that each patient share is not having a structured healthy lifestyle. I wanted to help make a difference in my community and keep people out of the hospital. Fitness is the best way to achieve this goal. 


I started my own health and fitness journey with a big focus on powerlifting. I also got into bodybuilding and compete in the NPC. I love learning about the body and how daily choices can effect the body. 


I am excited to help you along you fitness journey and teaching you how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid fad dieting. 

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Colton Kresser

Photographer/ videographer

I am a videographer and photographer by trade, I've been practicing those skills for roughly 12+ years and I still haven't gotten bored yet! 


I've dealt with anxiety pretty much my entire life as well as other things like ADHD. Video and photo has been such a great way to help manage those parts of me. It's always changing or different, no project is ever the same and it keeps my brain happy and healthy. I love creative projects and am always available and open to ideas. I do product photos and videos, lifestyle work, branding/company advertising, headshots, etc. Anything you can think of so please feel free to message me with your idea or project! 


I'm in the best mental and physical shape of my life and the Unfinished Lifestyle team allowed me to do the thing I love most and become part of the team, for that I am so grateful. See you in the gym!

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Jessica yassin


Fitness has changed my life in so many ways! I started my journey early 2018 with my husband, Yohan. I wanted to learn more about what I should be doing and eating to take care of my body. Since that time, we have learned so much about this industry & our bodies that it becomes a healthy addiction. Wanting to keep progress and keep seeing all your hard work pay off. I have come to learn and enjoy how supportive the fitness community can be, it is refreshing. We have all been there and we are all living it.  I have met so many incredible people through fitness who motivate me to be more. It’s inspiring on its own. 

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